The team left for Bugoye relatively early on the morning of the 4th August, arriving with
Charity mid-morning. Bugoye is thriving; both the school and the orphanage are full
and between herself and Geoffrey, the church that Charity’s father Samson began is
finally being completed after a 10-year pause. Charity told us that in order to get the
members to begin work on the building she stopped them from using the school hall
to meet and made them meet in the unfinished church, even in the rain. The workmen,
under Geoffrey’s supervision, have built the second story to window level and are
making excellent progress. The church members go every Tuesday to collect sand from
the recently flooded river and they use this to make mortar for the church.

Photo: The outside of Bugoye church is now completed to the second story.

Charity has also recently given birth to a baby boy, Ray-Daniels, who was six weeks old
when the team visited. It was such a blessing to spend time with Charity and to see most
of the 35 orphans in her care, we also got to see Tayler who is now 5 and a lively young
boy with excellent English. We sadly only got a brief time with Charity and Geoffrey as
an older family member had died that morning and she had to travel to the family
home to complete her part of the grieving process.

Photo: The orphans who call Charity ‘Mom’ (above) and Charity, Taylor and Ray Daniels

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