Financial Support

If you would like to support us financially please follow this link to our Stewardship giving page or become a sponsor here. You can find more information about our sponsorship programmes on our webpage.




Romans 1:11 Trust is funded entirely by voluntary contributions, mainly from individuals and churches, especially United Reformed Churches, although there have been occasional donations made by grant-making Trusts. ALL money given for the work in Africa is sent there in its entirety, to support named pastors and their churches, schools and orphanages with whom links have been established. Individuals and congregations in this country often have links with a specific church, school or pastor.

A much smaller amount of money is given for the general work of the Trust, which enables the funding of its administration and also vital top-up financing of theological education in Uganda and Zambia, as well as the costs of bringing Africans to this country, for which the Trust pays in its entirety.

Where possible Gift Aid is claimed on donations and this money also supports the administration of the Trust, including a part-time salary for its administrator.




The annual turnover is currently something over £80,000 (although R111, along with most other charities, has been significantly and adversely affected by the UK recession). Audited accounts may be viewed on the Charity Commission website.

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