Kibale and Karaguuza

The team spent the morning of the 31st July preaching at Moses’ church, and at Kakumiro
with Julius, following a meeting with senior pastors in the area over lunch the team travelled
to Kibale, a journey which was made much better thanks to the advancement of the new
roads. Unfortunately by this point both Chris and Rachel were feeling quite unwell and so
the team spent the evening resting at the hotel, although both Duncan and Catherine
travelled to greet the team at the hotel which is managed by Catherine.
The following day (1st August) the team travelled to Duncan’s school; Joherbson. Which is
a memorial school founded in memory of Duncan’s father and two American missionaries
who were killed in a road accident a few years ago.
The school children put on a special welcome for the team, meeting them on the road
with banners and drums as they sang, danced, and waved branches.

Photo: Children from Joherbson school welcome the team

There was also a special assembly organised by the school, where the team were greeted
with introductions to staff as well as exhibitions of tribal dancing and short dramas. The
team had a chance to share a message with the students and also to witness the giving of
some reports.

Photo: A girl performs a tribal dance for the
team as part of their welcome to the school.

The team had been made aware of some difficulties in the churches in the area before
their arrival in Uganda and so they spent the afternoon in communion with both Duncan
and Catherine as the situations were discussed in detail and prayed over by all involved.
Whilst a resolution was not reached at that time the team felt that the meeting had allowed
all sides to thoroughly explain their views and had laid the groundwork to solutions being
In the evening, Jon preached at Duncan’s church in Karaguuza although Chris and Rachel
continued to rest as they still felt quite unwell.

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