Sponsored Training Scheme

Sponsored training scheme at £30 or more per month.

For £30 a month, you can pay for a yearly training place on our pre-ordination theology course. This one-year course provides academic, theological training to pastors who are examined across all areas before graduating and being ordained into their denomination. Romans 1:11 Trust currently provides training for 36 pastors each year. For more information on our course, please see this link.

Currently there is a threat to churches in Uganda who do not have a trained pastor, as the government is seeking to close such churches. Your sponsorship could therefore prevent a church from closing.

As the place is taken by a new student each year you will not receive updates on one particular student over the course of your sponsorship, however, Romans 1:11 Trust will send you updates on the course, and students who are currently training, at least once a year.

Our theological training scheme does not currently have any specific funding, meaning that it is very difficult to fund. If you are able to sponsor a place on this course, you will be enabling a church leader to become theologically trained and ordained, and saving a church from possible closure due to a lack of trained leadership.

If you think you might be able to become a sponsor, please click the button below or contact our Administrator via the contact form.

Thank you.

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